Drop Arm Awning - Pivot Arm Awning

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Retractable Awning Melbourne - Brighton Drop Arm Awnings offer beautiful but highly weather-resistant solutions.

Pivot Arm Awnings are fitted externally around a window frame and consist of a retractable blind made from canvas or shade mesh fabrics. This attaches to a frame with arms that pivot half way down the window.

They are suitable for windows that face any direction and the way they work is rather ingenious.

The length of the arms are approximately half the drop of the awning

Drop Arm Awnings are suitable for windows that face any direction.

You can choose from manual operation with a gearbox or for the added convenience of a fully motorised awning. Industry leading quality Somfy or Becker Motors and compenents used. Motorisation further allows individual or group control over a number of windows simultaneously with a touch of a button.

Retractable Awning Melbourne Pivot Arm Awnings are available in maximum lengths of 5460mm projecting out to maximum of 1500mm. Fabric is available in over 300 colours and patterns to suit any style. Call us on 03 9595 9090 to book ion your free on site consutltations in Melbourne.

Preffered Suppliers

  • Somfy
  • Weinor
  • Becker
  • Aluxxor
  • Ziptrak
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